Monday, 16 June 2014

3D Modelling Tools - An introduction

3D Tools for Making a Game

So you've decided you want to make a 3D model, perhaps for your new game. Is there some software that can help you do this? Of course! Here are some to try.

One of the first programs I used which is free, simple and lots of fun is anim8or There was a gap of a few years when it wasn't being updated. But it looks like the developer Steven Glanville is doing some more updates. So check it out. It's good for beginners. But you can do lots with it.

There is also one called Milkshake which is quite good because it can handle lots of different 3D formats. Originally developed to edit Half Life models. You can also use it to make models for games like Quake. Old school!

A good 3D creation and animation program which is free is Blender. You can create very high quality realistic stuff using this program. You can also make no so realistic low polygon models for games. It is open source too. 

If you are a student (or rich) you might be able to get your hands on 3DS Max which is a standard modelling program in the industry.

Companies like Pixar have their own software called Renderman. Now since they made it for their own use, I'm not sure if it is designed very well for the general public or other companies. 

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